Are you ready to SLAY procrastination and finally stand up to claim the financial freedom, abundance, and happiness that’s RIGHTFULLY yours?


Does this sound like you?

You know you should be making money, but you lack the knowledge and it’s just not happening for you.

Let’s face it–there’s nothing more frustrating than working like crazy in your business only to feel like you’re constantly going round and round in circles and never actually seeing the results, or the income levels that you deserve.

And there’s nothing more disheartening than pouring your heart and soul, and every second of each day, into your company only to feel continually unhappy and frustrated at your lack of finances to the point of feeling like you’ve finally reached the bottom of the barrel.

You know your business should be more successful than it is, and you should be continually upskilling yourself to make it so, you’ve heard all the talk about financial abundance and making money even whilst you sleep.

Maybe you’ve already spent hundreds or even thousands of dollars educating yourself in finance or learning different business techniques to make the necessary improvements in your business and in your life.

And yet, it’s not quite working...

You don’t have the know-how to make things better. Your lack of motivation is harming your professional performance.

Your mindset is negatively impacting your life. Your life-long habits are holding you back.

In your eyes, other people make it look easy.

But for you, it’s been far from that, it’s been anything but! You thought that the hard part was going to be setting up the business and getting clients through the door but as it turns out, that was only just the very start.

And now you feel like you must be missing something for sure!
Well, guess what?

You ARE missing something

And you’re not alone. Most small business owners and entrepreneurs are.

The truth is that truly knowing how to bring abundance into your life is a game-changer, one that will show you how to start making money immediately, enable you to know your worth in the marketplace, change your mindset around money and even maximise your profits exponentially.

The problem?

Moving away from an ego-driven mentality AND changing the perception of your self-worth AND switching from a fixed mindset AND committing to implementing daily changes required to reach your goals ALL AT THE EXACT SAME TIME, is not that easy.

It feels like so much effort and hard work is required, that often it’s easier to keep your dreams as just that, only dreams, and that the reality is, achieving financial freedom and abundance is simply more trouble than it’s worth.

But what if there was a way to make sure you got it right?


And I want to help you solve your lack of abundance for good.
Since first launching the Gladiator Mastery Programme in 2009, my business has grown into a multi-million-dollar company.

I’ve become Gulf Business “Inspiring Entrepreneur of the Year 2021”, been featured in Forbes Magazine, I have over One Million followers on social media, and I have helped over 500,000 people across the globe change their lives for the better.

But it wasn’t always like this!

Since launching my first businesses over three decades ago, my life experience has taken me from insufferable hardship and poverty to the heights of extreme wealth more than twice over.

12 years ago, after losing my home, family, friends, and business, I suffered a heart attack. I fled the UK only to arrive in Dubai with $700 to my name. I had nothing.

There were multiple times I wanted to give up, but, spurred on by my need to provide for my family, take care of my loved ones, and put a roof over my head, I let go of my ego and forced myself to hold my head high.

I knew I had to move forward to create a living and FAST if I was going to survive.

Today I am a world-renowned sales and marketing guru, entrepreneur, key-note speaker, philanthropist, and author with over 35 years’ experience in sales and marketing consulting.

In my life, I had no-one to show me the way to success, so I stand before you now ready to help you take your business to the next level, eagerly waiting to share my decades of experience, so you don’t have to suffer the pain I went through.

I want to help you remove yourself from your current state of frustration and unhappiness and welcome you with open arms to share with you my secret recipe for bringing abundance into your life.

It’s the blueprint to prosperity that you have been waiting for.


Imagine having a company which generates profit instantly, where you can see immediate financial gains from deals which convert into sales every single time?

Imagine if you could...
  • Attract money so it flows quickly and easily towards you
  • Move from frustration to happiness instantaneously
  • Develop better habits with an action plan that means you stick to them
  • Fulfil your destiny and craft the life you truly desire in all areas
  • Turn your dreams into tangible goals using a simple but proven technique
Sound like a fantasy? Well, it’s not! In fact, it’s a reality that’s so much closer and so much easier to reach than you think.


The elite sales, marketing and mindset programme that will bring you instant abundance through maximising profits in the shortest possible amount of time.
In ancient Rome, a Gladiator was a professional fighter and typically an enslaved person whose sole purpose in life was to fight lots of battles against a variety of foes.

Despite their worthless civil statuses, Gladiators were capable of heroism, with victories recognised with monetary payments, laurels, and crowd donations.

Gladiators who were continually victorious could become very wealthy and receive the ultimate prize: to win their personal and financial freedom.

Move the clock forward 2000 years and we are each Gladiators in the arena of life.

Of course, a modern-day business owner does not face the perils that Gladiators once did in the arena, on the contrary, we live in a highly sanitised society where physical fighting is no longer required in today's arena- the marketplace.

Yet as modern-day Gladiators we are constantly being told that we will fail, over and over, so much so, that we are each dying, slowly bleeding to death, as we trundle through life with closed eyes, without paying attention to what life has to offer.

Modern day society has made people lazy, yet there is no room for laziness in the marketplace. The marketplace is crowded, so standing out from the crowd is difficult.

The market is a tough place, filled with pitfalls and fraught with danger, where being lazy and not differentiating will get the business owner killed by the competition.

Gladiator Mastery Online is an exceptional, unparalleled training course providing an unrivalled source of wisdom and knowledge.

Gladiator Mastery Online provides a deep dive into the world of elite sales and marketing, enabling you to learn the skills required to gain and retain a competitive edge and differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace.

Gladiator Mastery also delves deeply into the human psyche, training you how to adopt a Gladiator mindset.

Far from laying down to die willingly as you look back in wistful agony at a life wasted and unfulfilled, instead, guiding you to stand bold, with the courage to step forward and claim what is your birth-right: a life of personal and financial freedom.

Gladiator Mastery Online was originally created to help small business owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone in the business of making money, avoid having to suffer for years, and instead, acquire abundance quickly by learning from my own decades of experience.

Over the course of the programme, I will personally equip you will all the skills you need to live a life brimming with abundance and happiness.

If you are a small business owner, self-employed, or entrepreneur struggling to generate a profit in your business, then this is an opportunity I promise you will not want to miss.



What makes Gladiator Mastery Online so different?

A proven process which removes the guesswork so you can fully optimise your results as you master the techniques required to survive and thrive in the arena of life...

You are continually scraping the bottom of the barrel financially and find yourself living in extreme frustration, abject misery, and feeling totally defeated.

You know this is your last chance to make the huge changes in your live- changes without compromise.

Gladiator Mastery Online teaches people how to make money and generate profit in the quickest time possible in uncomplicated, yet highly effective, ways.

The powerful yet simple process is designed to get you the massive results you are looking for, in less time and with far less frustration that if you tried to do it by yourself.

Here's a look at how these sectional life lessons can start improving your life and bring you abundance straightaway.


Strip away the façade of the ego-self and face the bare bones of your vulnerability as you adopt the mindset of the ancient Gladiator.

Learn the principled codes by which the gladiators lived by and adopt the ethical attributes required to survive in the modern-day marketplace.

Learn the moral code each gladiator prided himself on to win over friends and enemies alike and see how they positively impact behaviour.

Always respect others and they will respect in return. Earn trust and trust will in turn, be given. Be loyal and people will fight the same fight. Be initiative-taking, show courage, step up.

Better to walk, head held high, in the knowledge of preparedness, ready to beat your opponent and win over the crowd by reading the room, showing respect, having good energy, and being driven by passion.

Rise up and stand strong as the respected, honourable, and courageous warrior you truly are as you differentiate yourself against anyone else in the field.


Train as a professional combatant and acquire the skills to survive as you fight your opponents in the business arena.

Every-day life for a Gladiator was arduous and perilous; their very existence was to kill or be killed.

They required tenacity and resilience in the face of adversity and the instinct to survive demanded a merciless show of expertise.

No Gladiator would enter the arena unprepared, not willing to have put in the work, day after laborious day, knowing to enter the arena is to live or die.

Consequently, Gladiators were skilled in offensive, defensive, forwards, backwards, sideways moves with constant practice, practice, practice. To hone themselves and their craft.

In the modern-day arena, no self-respecting businessperson should dare to enter the marketplace without evaluating the competition and sharpening their knowledge by practicing their skills over and over.

They must have the confidence to leave their comfort zone and rise to the challenge. Take a risk and survive or be trampled upon and destroyed. Win business or lose deals.

You will learn quickly and effectively, as a modern-day swordsman learns their trade and practice over and over to win your battles, defeat your opponents, and rise to claim your spoils.

You will learn to train with all sorts of weaponry to protect yourself against any situation, maximise your chances of success and be prepared for whatever is thrown at you in business.

Adopt the psyche of the Gladiator and imbue the qualities they radiate enabling you to pick up your sword and do what it takes to survive in this arena of life. Be brave, be courageous, take risks.

Be bold and act with valour and be assured in your outcome of success as you take your business to the next level.


Act like a Gladiator and relish and rejoice in another day of your precious life. Live each day as if were your last, making every second count, knowing that time is the most precious thing you have.

Ancients Gladiators never knew if they would stand victorious that day or perish. Yet Gladiators had to be peak physical and mental condition- they had to look after themselves or be vulnerable to wounding and death.

Although conditions are different today, a modern-day professional must still perform to their utmost, and this requires the practice of self-care, self-respect and a healthy body and mind.

Despite their lot, Gladiators fulfilled their role in life to its utmost and was rewarded by being able to claim their freedom and being released from societal shackles and those of their masters.

Business professionals do not face the perils that Gladiators once did. On the contrary, society is soft where, in ordinary live, physical fighting is no longer required to be performed.

So, work hard, yet smart, and free yourself from your financial shackles and let others climb over each-other up the greasy pole as you step out of the quagmire that is the corporate rat-race.

Live in your truth, safe in the knowledge that you have found your purpose and are fulfilling your passion then, you will truly live in freedom.

Better to live knowing you tried your best, like the Gladiator, to overcome the struggles of the human condition.

Retire each night knowing that you behaved honourably and fought bravely and valiantly for yourself and those around you to give yourselves a better life, and the edge in life.



Real Results That Speak For Themselves...

Gladiator Mastery Online delivers INSTANT results that are practical, simple, highly effective and WORK

Here's what's included...

Get all the tools you need to achieve Success and live in Abundance

When you purchase Gladiator Mastery Online, you will have instant access to all the classes you need to start making money immediately.

Our proven programme provides smart, simple life lessons based on business techniques and psychology teaching you how to bring abundance in all areas of your life so you'll never be left wondering what your next step should be.

Here's what your programme includes:

Sales, Marketing & Personal Development Online Programme

The programme is much more than simple teaching and learning- it's a way of life. The program is brought to life with sales, marketing, and mindset video modules.

Each is designed to share techniques which will equip you to enable your business to stand out from the crowd, differentiate yourself in a crowded marketplace and, give you the edge in life.

Ultimately, giving you the skills so that you can be both successful and live with abundance in all facets of your life.

Topics which will be covered are:

Sales & Marketing Series

Video One: Learn how to generate new business rapidly

Video Two: Why adding value in the marketplace is crucial

Video Three: Implement marketing strategies that maximise growth

Video Four: Understand why knowing your worth is a must

And many more.

Mindset Series

Video One: How Mindset and Motivation are inextricably linked

Video Two: See how and why the Ego impacts success

Video Three: Learn to be aware of your internal dialogue

Video Four: Knowing the key to driving profit quickly

And many more.

BONUS #1: Members Portal - View your Progress

Unsure of which course content you have already completed?

Don't be.

The Gladiator Online platform provides you with a comprehensive dashboard giving you an immediate overview of the progress you have made and keeping you motivated to move forward.

A member profile will show exact data about you as a trainee, including date, category, course progress, course status.

BONUS #2 Community- Private Social Network

Community members can add friends, create posts, write messages, exchange, and create groups.

This fantastic resource opens the window of opportunity for you to engage with other Gladiators and easily network worldwide with the Gladiator Movement.

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Here's what's included:
  • Unbridled Access to Gladiator Mastery Online
  • 10+ powerful lessons that focus on two key areas: sales, and marketing
  • Additional 10+ mind-blowing lessons that focus on mindset, mastering money, creating abundance
  • Bonus: "Gladiator Mastery “Bring Your Deal" workshop” prize-draw invite for all Gladiator Live 8th Oct attendees at the workshop designed to help you secure the business ($500 value)

Join Gladiator Mastery Online For Just $997


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Here at Gladiator Mastery Online we are so confident you will achieve massive results from the programme, that we offer a 100% guarantee of the price of the programme even if after 30 days you are not entirely satisfied with it.

P.S. To date, no-one has asked for a refund. In fact, we have an average of three referrals per person from the Gladiator Mastery Live event.



Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gladiator Mastery Online Right For Me?

What's included with Gladiator Mastery Online programme?

Gladiator Mastery Online is a life management programme consisting of video trainings providing simple yet highly effective lessons not only in business techniques and skills but also in the psychology behind the sale.

The programme also focusses on Mindset and how changing your current behaviours and habits can bring about immediate monumental change.

The full programme video series is accessible via the Gladiator Mastery Online platform which you will be given access to upon payment into the Gladiator Mastery Online programme.

What will I learn?

In Gladiator Mastery Online you'll learn to:

  • Change your view of money FOREVER
  • BOLDLY crush every bad habit you have
  • DIFFERENTIATE yourself in a crowded marketplace
  • HARNESS the skills to give your business the edge
  • GENERATE profits in your business INSTANTLY
  • CREATE abundance and find your life FREEDOM

Is this program available in physical download?

At this time, the GLADIATOR MASTERY ONLINE programme is only available in video format and can only be accessed via the on-line platform.

How can I hold myself accountable during the Gladiator Mastery Online programms?

At the end of each video lesson, there is homework for you to complete designed to both keep you accountable and motivated to move forward.

How soon after purchase will I receive my product?

Gladiator Mastery Online will be delivered to you via the online platform.

Your log-in details and a temporary password will be sent to you via the email address you provide at checkout.

Your log-in details should arrive within 5-10 minute of your purchase.

How do I know whether Gladiator Mastery Online is right for me?

The question should be, who is Gladiator Mastery Online NOT right for?

It's not for the faint-hearted, that's for sure!

But it IS for anyone who is self-employed, small business-owners, entrepreneurs, and anyone in the business of making money who cannot bear to struggle in their life anymore and have reached absolute rock bottom.

Gladiator Mastery Online is right for you if feel this is the final chance you deserve at happiness and success.

We will help you find your inner Gladiator and we urge you to step forward to collect what's rightfully yours

What if I find the course doesn't work for me?

Here at Gladiator Mastery Online, we are so confident in your success, we don't anticipate that you will find that the course doesn't work for you.

However, if you find yourself not satisfied with the course, then will refund you within 30 days.

What is your return policy?

Gladiator Mastery Online is available at a 100% return policy. If you find you are not satisfied within the next 30 days, we will refund your offer price of $997 into your bank account.
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